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Updated 03/16/2024

Tune Up is STILL in a "cautiously re-opening" phase, booking up to 5 patients per hour to keep everyone physically distanced and safe.

Masks are still required at Tune Up since the pandemic is still ongoing.


*Appointments and face masks are required.

*Please sanitize your hands upon entering the clinic. Sanitizer is readily available upon entry to the clinic.

*If you are experiencing fever, chills, shortness of breath, sore throat, body aches, and/or new loss of taste and/or smell please do not come in for an appointment.

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[Image of text "Tune Up Community Acupuncture" and below in a grey circle is a golden foiled wrench]


1. Comfortable and Accessible

2. Effective 

3. Affordable Healthcare

Our work is informed by social justice movement and we actively

cultivate our awareness and action toward liberation.

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[Image of two hands engaged in placing acupuncture needles onto bare skin with three acupuncture needles already placed in the foreground]


  • Relax and rest comfortably with each needle applied with a gentle, caring touch.

  • We prioritize access in terms of physical, social, racial and economic considerations.

  • We strive to provide culturally competent, trauma-informed, healing-centered engagement with each of our patients.

In the Boxing Ring

[Image of a person wearing boxing gear, standing in a boxing ring with their gloved hands near their chin, looking ready to rumble. They are surrounded by a fog or mist]


  • We have given over 25,000 treatments and see great results!

  • Commonly treated conditions include:

         ~Back & Neck Pain/Injury

         ~Joint Pain/Injury


         ~Stress and Anxiety




         ~Digestive Disorders

        ~Allergies & Common Cold


         ~Hormonal Balance

         ~Fertility Support 

         ~Pre-labor and Postpartum Support

         ~Health Maintenance       

          And More!


[Image of two small hands, maybe of a child, cupped together to hold soil/mulch with a small plant in the center about to bloom one tiny pink flower bud with more than 10 green leaves. Two larger hands embrace the outside of the small hands and their bodies are blurred in the background]


  • Get the right amount of acupuncture necessary to get better/get results!

  • Acupuncture was originally developed in Asia to be administered daily over a week or a month, for example. Capitalism has informed the way acupuncture is commonly delivered in the US making patients rely on health insurance for coverage or pay high costs for treatment. This has created a huge barrier of access for many people.    In fact, a study from 2007 found that only 6+% of people in the US have ever even tried acupuncture! 

  • By lowering our operational costs with the community model we can keep our treatment price low. Our patients can receive the appropriate amount of acupuncture required to see results and feel better!

**Important note: We also respect private acupuncture clinics. They are an important component to health care and we often work closely with them to support our patients. There is room for everyone and every model!

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"I brought a friend and Eun helped us both. She was attentive and has a gentle demeanor, making sure I was comfortable and at ease...It was the most relaxed I've been in months"

"I had met Eun many years ago at a private clinic that specialized in fertility which was recommended by my obgyn. I was seeing Eun for most of the weekly treatments for about 25 weeks. I am very thankful to have delivered a healthy baby and I owe this to Eun, the doc who diagnosed my issues, and everyone else at the private clinic." 

"My favorite acupuncturist is Eunhye. She is very kind, diligent and compassionate. She listens carefully and understands your problems. No worries if you are afraid of needles because she won't hurt you. I highly recommend her."

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Get in touch with Tune Up Community Acupuncture to learn more about our treatments and services.

324 Frank Ogawa Plaza
Oakland, CA 94612
Unceded Ohlone Land


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